T-Shirt Night 2016

Tonight was T-Shirt night at YABC. All of the students received a white T-Shirt. All students were able to sign others shirts. It turned out to be quite

a bunch of fun for all. Check out some of the pictures from this fun event HERE!


Empire Beauty School

Students from Lehman YABC had the opportunity to visit the Empire Beauty School.

Students learned all about career opportunities. Students learned that if they signed up for classes they would be provided with a tablet, a hair dryer, a flatiron,

several hairbrushes, 6 mannequins to work on and style etc.

It was an enriching experience for all.

Check out the pictures here



January 2016 Regents Schedule

Please be advised Saturday tutoring will be available for: 


U.S. History and Global History Regents in Room 354 

Living Environment Regents in Room 325

English Regents in Room 148

Math Regents in Room 210

Also The weight Room from 9AM-12PM


For additional Regents help and practice regents exams


College Tour and Niagara Falls Trip

Student’s were exposed to three great SUNY Schools; SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Binghamton. After visiting these wonderful school the students took a trip over to a place which should clearly be listed as one of the seven wonders of the world; Niagara Falls!

Check out the amazing pictures here!


Halloween 2015

This year the Halloween spirit was in full scare mode. We partied and had a great pizza party. Student’s and staff dressed up in costumes and had a blast. The atmosphere at Lehman YABC is truly second to none.

Check out the HALLOWEEN 2015 Pictures HERE!


Apple Picking and Dutchess Community College Tour

  When I First heard about the opportunity to visit Duchess community college with YABC, I took it. This trip was one of the most memorable experience I ever had. Being this because I never went on a college trip before. This experience made me realize how different colleges out there are and how different the envoirment is, Being able to get out of my comfort zone made me realize how much better it is to explore more options. On this trip We Toured The college, We saw some amazing things. College was pretty fantastic to me, and All of the students were happy to be there. we toured the whole campus grounds, and it was so beautiful, it was a small school, but that’s a choice students make based on of their comfort. Then we ate in the college, Pizza provided by the college. Our tour guides were remarkable, they gave us a wonderful tour, and they were great speakers, they weren’t afraid to give straight facts to us. I was very grateful That our principal Gave us a chance to experience a different lifestyle from  ours. It was amazing. After the campus tour we went apple picking, Which was also a great experience, we each all got a small bag and picked as much as we could We went around the whole farm, it was really enjoyable, I was glad to participate in the whole thing!

Written By: Lisa Ortiz (Student)

Check out the pictures here of our trip!



YABC Barbecue

Click here for more information about the YABC Barbecue!

All YABC Students and Families are invited.

Great Food!

Featuring the YABC Band


June 2015 Regents Schedule

Please be advised Saturday tutoring will be available for: 

U.S. History Regents in Room 310 9AM-12PM

Global History Regents in room 320 From 9AM-12Pm.

Living Environment Regents in Room 104 From 9AM – 12PM



for more information click here. 



Over the course of our phenomenal senior trip I was fortunate enough to visit two wonderful colleges; each with an amazing campus. We also visited an amusement park, and enjoyed ` great food the entire weekend. Our first stop was, Seton Hall University located in New Jersey, which was spectacular. Reason being, we were able to get a feel of the college classroom, we witnessed how big the classes were, took a look into the gym, library, and weight room. Oh and the food! The food we ate in their cafeteria was very delightful. Next we had an interesting bus ride to Virginia. It was a funny bus trip though; the ride consisted of action movies and tons of jokes, no numbers two’s on the bus!!! (Insider).  Once we arrived in Virginia we ate dinner at CiCi’s Pizza, then we were off to the hotel. The following morning was followed by breakfast in the hotel then Busch Gardens; this was my first time going to an amusement park and Mr.Smallhorne being the adventurous principal he is, got me to go on almost every roller coaster. I was scared at first; However, I loosened up and thought it was a fun and exciting experience. After a crazy day at the amusement park, we went to Golden Corral for dinner. Then, we had one more night at the hotel until Howard University, I couldn’t wait. I was so happy the trip to Washington, DC didn’t feel long at all. Upon arrival, at Howard University we ate a delicious meal in the cafeteria; I took part in creating an omelet. In addition, besides being greedy and eating all their food, we were able to see the Howard Museum, a look at the buildings where specific classes take place, the Howard Bookstore and two members from a fraternity showed us a little bit of one of their stepping routines. One of the members of the fraternity was a former YABC student who went off to Howard; (did I mention he was also our tour guide that day?) Yup! I wish I could tell you every detail of the trip but this would go on and on; just know it was fun and I felt honored to be afforded this opportunity. This trip inspired me to stay focused on my daily curriculums and work hard; so one day I can go to a University. I’ll be honest, just standing on the college campus gave me goose bumps, because I know I want to go to college.


Thanks For the Opportunity Mr. Smallhorne and the whole YABC/Lehman Staff, once again for playing a part in motivating me and impacting my life through this senior trip.


Written by, Ryan Roach.

Check out the senior pictures here



YABC is now accepting new students!

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