Post 11

Author: Librarian

Come see me in the library for a one-to-one interview about the book after you have posted all your comments on line.

Post 10

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Read chapters 29-34

Write a short summary of the last chapter of the book

Write a short analysis of four of the main characters

Post 9

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Read chapters 26-28

Minny confides in Minny about the pie incident. What happened and what did Celia do when she heard the story?

Why did Aibileen and Minny put the pie incident in the book?

Post 8

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Read Chapters 22-25

What is the toilet incident about? Explain

What happens at Celia’s house that makes Celia come to rescue Minny?

Post 7

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Read chapters 19-21

How does Yule May’s story make things better for Skeeter and the writing of the book.

Write a short summary of your third independent reading book.

Post 6

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Read chapters 17-18

Explain how Ms. Celia shows that she is not racist.

How did Minny misjudge Miss Celia?

Write a short summary and a character analysis of your second independent reading book.

Post 5

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Read chapters 15-16

What are some of the things that a white woman can do to make a black woman live in fear according to Aibeelen and Minny?

How are Skeeter’s friends distancing from her?

Write  a short summary and a character analysis of one of your independent reading books

Post 4

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Read chapters 12 – 14

In chapter 12 Hilly Holbrook starts a new initiative. What is the initiative about?

In chapter 13 Skeeter finds a list of Jim Crow Laws. Do some research and write about an incident  that might have happened because the Jim Crow laws were broken. You can write about incidents mentioned in  The Help or real incidents you may have learned about elsewhere.

In chapter 14 Hilly finds the list of Jim Crow laws in Skeeter’s bag. Why are the maids and Skeeter worried?

Post 3

Author: Librarian

Read chapters 9 – 11

In chapter 9 Aibileen agrees to help Skeeter with the book.

    What is the book going to be about?

     What made Aibileen change her mind?

In chapter 10 Minny finally meets Celia’s husband. Although she is relieved at the begining, she starts worrying again at the end? What is she afraid of?

At the end of chapter 11 Aibileen says: “shame be the color of a white uniform” Why does she say that?

Post 2 – October 2011

Author: Librarian

Read chapters 6-8

1. In chapter 6 Skeeter and Pascagoula are watching tv together. 

            Why are they so surprised? Why is Skeeter’s mother surprised?

2. In chapter 7 Aibileen says: “I want to yell so loud that Baby Girl can hear me that dirty ain’t a color, disease ain’t the Negro side a town”

         Why is Aibileen so mad?

3. In chapter 8 (pg 124) one of the characters says: “Iwatched them try to integrate your bus station on the news. They jammed fifty-five Negroes in a jail built for four”

     Who is saying that and in response to what?  

     The incident the character is talking about  was real. What happened?