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Just Because, Fall 2010

on January 7th, 2011 by OCohen

 Just because I’m Puerto Rican
Doesn’t mean I’m loud
 Doesn’t mean I eat rice and beans everyday
 And doesn’t mean I don’t dress according to the weather
 Just because I’m Puerto Rican
 Doesn’t mean I drink Malta
 Doesn’t mean I wear long acrylic fake nails
 Doesn’t mean my whole family lives with me
Just because I’m Puerto [...]

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Just Because …

on February 27th, 2010 by OCohen

Michael Hernandez: Just Because I’m Dominican
just because I’m Dominican
doesn’t mean I work in a corner store
doesn’t mean I drive a cab
and doesn’t mean I only eat rice and beans
just because I’m Dominican
doesn’t mean I only speak Spanish
doesn’t mean I need a green card
doesn’t mean I came in a boat
just because I’m Dominic…an
doesn’t mean I play [...]

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