Y1 and Y2 Registration Forms

Welcome new students!

To be eligible, students be at least 17.5 years old , have attended high school for four or more years , and have earned 17 or more credits.

How to Enroll
Students who wish to register at Lehman YABC should go to their home school, meet with a guidance counselor and obtain:

1) a YABC Guidance Referral Form Y-1

2) a YABC Course Requirements Form Y-2

3) a copy of his/her current transcript

4) immunization records If you need copies of these forms, please visit this link These documents should be completed and brought to Lehman YABC during the early registration period (by appointment only) and between the hours of 4PM – 6PM, Mondays to Thursdays after school begins. Eligible students who are not currently enrolled in a high school must go to a borough enrollment office to be enrolled in a high school.

For questions, concerns, or to make an appointment, please contact a staff member at Lehman YABC.

Phone: 718-904-4280

Y1 Form

Y2 Form



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